www.theplan.is Irene Shamma’s design mission across the fields of architecture, design and arts.

Two years ago theplan.is embarked on an exciting mission to discover the world of eco design, permaculture and communal living, visiting eco villages and transformational gatherings around the world. Along this mission, Irene has also been discovering spiritual and healing practices and has been inspired to research and raise awareness on pressing environmental matters.

This blog is sharing information from her mission.

thedream.is soon to be designing sustainable structures for transformational festivals and off the grid communities and to join a research group in the Amazonian jungle.


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  1. This journey of yours to sustainability, spirituality and health is underway at this time, I suppose. Are you logging this journey in a way that we/I can follow? And when I ask this, I am asking about the “you” in the journey, as opposed to the places/people/issues that you have posted above. I cannot say with certainty, but I feel it is likely that too few are on such a journey. What you are undertaking is admirable, and a beacon for others like me. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment and suggestion. Yes I am documenting this journey on a personal level as well and it’s really inspiring to see that more people are interested in following it, so I will make sure to share more about my personal experiences in this blog. Most of them are related to ceremonies with medicinal plants as well as personal experimentations with psychedelics on a quest to discover our capacity to heal ourselves.
      Recently I started working with sound as a means to activate the medicinal properties of psychedelics (it is stunning to feel the infinite healing possibilities of using sound vibrations with intention) as well as with chanting meditation outdoors in the sun.
      I have to say though that even when I think I have gone deep and that I am reaching some sort of conclusions about a personal healing system, the next experience always proves to me that it’s only the beginning and there is a lot more to learn.
      I send you love and good vibes and wish you the best on your personal path x

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      1. You cannot imagine how timely your response is for me. Thanks for doing so.
        I would like to have an on-line conversation with you about the healing plants. I stumbled into the world of ayahausca, and was shown some very serious “work” that I had to deal with. After 47 ceremonies (all in North America) I seemed to hit the wall, so to speak, and there seemed no further progress. Until last week, when for only the 4th time, a rather mild amount of MDMA sent me back to some serious repressed memories. I have much more work to do, and only a few hours before your reply, I was looking into ibogaine as a possibility.
        So, my personal path is one of “work” that I must do, but will not end there for sure. You speak of infinite healing possibilities, and investigating these seems to be calling me.
        Any exposure or thoughts on ibogaine?
        SO grateful to you for this opportunity. Love and good vibes to you as well.

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  2. Hello, I’m also very grateful for your response and for having the opportunity to hear about your path. It’s truly amazing to find more and more people discovering both the world and themselves at the same time (which is essentially the same thing :))
    It sounds like you are opening up to the right medicines and with the right mindset.
    If I can offer some kind of advice, I would highly suggest that you include meditation and yoga in your every day routine if you can, those practices go hand in hand with healing. They help you center, remember, reflect, and in my case, they helped me develop a state of comfort and stillness that proved to be very useful when I’m working with medicinal plants. After 47 ceremonies you must be very familiar with how uncomfortable it often feels to work with ayahuasca, and how important it is to train yourself to navigate through the process with comfort and focus.
    I have only participated in 12 ceremonies (SA, Netherlands, UK, Peru) but I have experienced extremely uncomfortable states where I felt that ‘my mind is ready but my body is not’ if you know what I mean (I have also been exposed to some entirely suppressed memories from my childhood). Meditation and yoga have helped bridge the gap between body and mind readiness to enter those deep states of awareness.
    I don’t have a personal experience with ibogaine, but from what I have read and heard, it seems to be a very powerful medicine especially targeting addictions. Regarding md, it doesn’t provide benefits to me any more (it seems that the brain develops a long term tolerance to the compound when it’s not used wisely). However, from other people’s experiences, it seems that when it’s used wisely and with purpose it can help unlock hidden connections between memories and feelings, and that’a a very important step to one’s healing path.
    I’d like to share with you that my most profound and transformational experience was with Bufo Alvarious, administrated by dr Octavio Rettig in the Netherlands. The 5 Meo DMT that is found in the venom of the toad is considered to be the most potent tryptamine in nature. I have to say, I did not know what I was getting my self into when I decided to try it. All I knew was that it is ‘a thousand times stronger than ayahuasca’. The experience is almost impossible to describe in words. But the impact in my life is not difficult to describe.
    It’s almost been a year since my bufo ceremony, and looking back, I see the massive changes that the toad has guided me through (hand in hand with aya), I quit my job, left my house, broke relationships and created new ones, restored my health, and embarked on a life mission that I could never imagine myself being on before.
    I’d love to have an online chat with you about this and more if you would like to, here is my skype irene_shamma, or you can find me in facebook, as Irene Shamma.
    Love and to you xxxx


  3. Hi Irene,

    I just read the above discussion. Very interesting. I’ve also got an interesting in the healing / introspective properties of drugs. Where I am, they are all illegal. I’ve tried DMT but via smoking so improper technique made it difficult to ‘launch.’ I’ve watched a few Ted Talks and videos about aya, as well as the spirit molecule and can’t wait to have a proper experience. It would be great to have a place where they are properly administered. Currently seeing a therapist – but most don’t know about the beneficial effects of psychedelics. They can be so much more powerful and transformative than a plain conversation. I know even smoking mary, and meditating has given me some good insights.

    Keep doing your thing.


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  4. Hey Boy, could not agree more with you.
    It’s really sad how these true medicines are still illegal almost everywhere (where I am now as well!). Interestingly enough, although DMT is declared class A in many many countries, no police has bothered training dogs to recognize its smell, they don’t even know how it looks like! Funny hey? That says a lot about the reasons behind those classifications. Same with ayahuasca.
    But, fortunately aya and dmt are slowly finding their way in.
    Try joining a fb group about aya you will find information about places close to you.
    We got to keep pushing and talking about these things and reclaim our right to explore our consciousness and self heal. Goddamit. 🙂
    As our friend Terrence said:
    “Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.”
    ― Terence McKenna


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  5. Such a great conversation to have, especially when one is in the middle of learning how to explore their consciousness anew (which is what seems to be happening to me). For me, exploring my consciousness means “listening” at deeper and deeper levels, and in doing so, finding the pure intelligence that we are a part of. Anything that is man-made, all rules, governments, etc are constructed in complete denial of this pure intelligence. Graham Hancock’s treatise that we should all be free to explore our consciousness (Irene refers to this above) sums it up perfectly, and accurately draws the battle lines with a few words.


      1. Oh, I like Cyprus! I was there back in the 1990s and had a good time, inquiring for business opportunities. It’s great also for banking.

        I see your site is about ecology, very interesting, and important subject. I will soon publish my biographic book about Fritjof Capra and Ecoliteracy.

        Thanks for following my blog at ipublica.wordpress.com.
        Best wishes,


  6. Hi Irene,

    Thanks for following my blog! I find your blog to be very interesting and enjoyed reading all your posts. You have an unique combination of interests in environmental awareness, spirituality, art and health, and I admire that! I am looking forward to follow your journey!



  7. Hi Irene,

    I dig your projects. I live in Iquitos and work for a plant medicine group. The work you’re doing seems pretty aligned with ours. Not sure if you’ve already been through here, but if you haven’t, let me know if you’d like to meet.


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    1. Hi Helm, I will be in Iquitos on the 18th of Nov. Will be staying there for a while, volunteering at Pilpintuwasi butterfly farm. I’d love to meet. Looking for medicine people to connect. Let’s keep in touch.
      Love, I x


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