12 steps to a better place. Step 1: Here is the Cosmos

Step 1:  May I introduce you to the Cosmos


‘Here is Cosmos’, Ayahuasca said. ‘Here is the real thing you have been missing’.

Explosions of light, colors and vibrations, sounds of Love showering my being, what being?

I broke into a billion pieces, traveled in an infinite speed, can there be infinite speed?  to the edges of the universe, then inside my cells, and back in the maloca.

‘My God, this is Reality, why I haven’t seen it before? I’m I living in a Lie?

‘Yes. But it’s not your fault my precious little being’ she replied.

‘Let me show you’.

She took me by the hand.

She showed me how the space I saw as empty, is filled with energy and Love, how sound and feelings are the same vibrations of Life, she showed me that my little human perception is limited by all sorts of artificial constraints, and how none of that is my fault.

‘Release all guilds, all fears, and let go’, she said.

‘You have nothing to be afraid of, and nothing to be ashamed of. You are a part of a divine plan, a link in a colorful chain of light. Let go and you will be safe.’

I let go. I surrendered to the spirits. They lifted me up in a pool of light and sang to me since forever and forever. What a bliss.

And then I yawned. Again and again.

Is it rude to yawn? ‘No, yawn like there is no tomorrow my baby’ she said.

‘Yawning is healing’. (It took me 12 ceremonies to get that).

‘You have nothing to be ashamed of. This world is made of Love.’

What a simple and beautiful introduction to the Cosmos, I felt overwhelmed. I felt gratitude.

I purged the toxins I brought into my body the day before.

The Cosmos cheered. ‘We are with you, we are You’.

I felt cleansed. I felt raw. I felt comfortable to Be. Without trying to Be anything.

What a beautiful introduction to the Cosmos.



2 thoughts on “12 steps to a better place. Step 1: Here is the Cosmos

  1. Irene

    This is just great. You have stimulated me to try and write what I thought was un-writeable, but you have produced such a beautiful account. Many who read this will recognize, I hope, that they belong in the healing that you have described.

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  2. This is fascinating. It’s similar to what I was thinking about last night, that modern physics and traditional metaphysics have come to almost the same conclusion about the nature of reality: This phenomenal world, cosmos, is really an ocean of energy in which we are floating hither and thither. We experience it as feelings and thoughts, etc. but it is all in its essence formless energy. An ocean of love.

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