One year health expansion mission

I used to pay almost zero attention to my every day habits and state of health.

And the worst part was that I didn’t really care. I thought that keeping my brain healthy and active with reading, working, thinking, was enough to reach my maximum potential. Big mistake.

In the past year and a half I have been working with ayahuasca. I started drinking ayahuasca without having a specific intention, I was mostly curious and excited with the possibility of getting into altered states of consciousness with a powerful plant medicine rather than anything else. The journey that unfolded in front of me however revealed my intention, which was always there. I just couldn’t see it from the beginning.

My intention was to heal myself.

Apart from sending me on a journey into the deepest and darkest places inside my soul where pains and blockages were craving to be released into the light, Ayahuasca also reminded me the simplest and most fundamental thing about well being that I had forgotten, but the ancient Greeks knew so well: the inherent connection between my Mind and Body health. It didn’t come to me as a thought, it emerged as a feeling, a solid and powerful one, and took a few ceremonies to develop fully.

Slowly but steadily during this time, I started changing my every day habits. Some changes happened unconsciously and some intentionally. All however aimed at one thing, restoring my well being. I stopped eating meat, I started eating mainly raw organic food, included exercise and meditation in my every day schedule, developed a positive mindset, started stretching (very important), listening to healing music.. and many more.

About two months ago and after seeing the great benefits of the changes I was making in my everyday life, I decided to make a little list of things I want to do Every day for at least a year. Every couple of months I will document my progress in terms of my body and mind health state. So far, the results are beautiful. I have been feeling amazing, full of energy, didn’t catch a single cold (although flu was circulating around till recently), I sleep better than before, I concentrate much better on work, I make the right decisions, I am patient, I connect with people on a deeper level, I feel connected to the planet, my vision and hearing have improved, and most importantly.. I feel I’m enjoying life from a higher level of awareness.

I want to share this little list with you. These are very easy things to do, and trust me you will start noticing the benefits almost straight away.. enjoy

1. Wake up every day at the same time (8:00)

As a freelancer architect (no regular work hours) I used to sleep and wake up at random times. Although that used to give me a sense of freedom it also affected my health in a bad way. I always felt that I was lacking energy and purpose and often suffered from insomnia, not to mention how I constantly looked tired. This little habit of waking up at the same time regardless of my work schedule, has boosted my energy, fixed my sleeping problems and has given me back the sense of structure and purpose.

2. Organize my space and burn some incense (sandalwood)

That’s a really good one. I’ve lived by myself for many years, and I never felt the need to keep my space organized and tidy all the time. One day it would be chaos next day tidy to perfection. In the past two months though, I make sure the first thing I do when I wake up, is to open my windows, burn some sandalwood, tidy my space and prepare it for a productive new day.

3. Drink a large cup of warm water with lemon ginger raw honey

I’ve been doing this for over 3 months now. Apart from its numerous health benefits, it’s a delicious energy boost in the morning. Just heat up around 350 ml of water (not too hot), squeeze half lemon, add a spoon of honey and a spoonful of grated ginger, stir well and enjoy.

4. Brush teeth with lemon and baking soda (Ditch fluoride, that shit calcifies your pineal gland)

This is an older habit I adopted, I stopped using fluoride toothpaste over a year ago when I found out how harmful fluoride is to the body, especially to our 3rd eye (pineal gland). In time, fluoride calcifies our pineal gland, whose primary role is the production of the hormone melatonin, responsible to regulate mood, sleep and other biological cycles.  When I realized how fluoride found its way into a staggering number of different products that made me even more cautious. Since I stopped using fluoride toothpaste I noticed some interesting changes. My dreams became much more colorful and vivid, and I recently started having intense lucid dreams (I will write about them in another post). My mood and concentration also improved. Lemon and baking soda are a perfect way to clean your teeth (and face and hair if you dare), just mix them together until they form a thick paste and brush your teeth with it. Finish by polishing your teeth with coconut oil. It can rid your teeth of bacteria found in plaque plus it tastes great.

5. Do 30 min meditation in the sun

This is a massive one, I hope you have access to direct sunlight in the morning and afternoon so you can include this amazing practice in your every day routine. Sun is the source of life energy on our planet. It’s light is healing on a physical and spiritual level. Our 3rd eye is light sensitive and is activated by sunlight. I have experienced an extreme connection to the sun, when its massively healing bright white light flushed through me at a bufo alvarious ceremony I participated in about a year ago – yes it did, and there was me, swimming around in the grass like a fish. Since then started doing meditation while sun gazing and chanting (3 in one) early in the morning and right before sunset. Not every day, but whenever I can. The benefits of this practice are incredibly powerful and noticeable from day one. There was a time when I was in Tribodar (eco village in Portugal), when I literally felt ‘high’ throughout the day from absorbing the sun’s energy for 15 minutes every morning. Do it, do it, do it.

6. Play tibetan healing sounds

Instead of random radio music or heavy metal (used to love it), playing some healing singing bowl sounds throughout the day has proven to be a really good way for me to center myself, feel grounded, stable and focused. Ding!

7. Get on with my daily tasks with a smile

A positive attitude fears nothing. It feels weird to write this cause I used to embrace my negativity and cynicism more than any other.. virtue. Also, it was fun. But unhealthy. Years of pessimism, bad mood and fuck all attitude had created a block in my chest that I became physically aware of especially when I was breathing. Scary. Anyhow, back to the smile, all the above practices will make it much easier for you to maintain and develop a positive healthy mindset, but getting on with your day with a big smile (even if you are on your own, it’s ok) will take you even further.

8. Do frequent breaks for stretching (paying extra attention to the back and neck)

This is very important also for improving your sleep. It calms the mind, releases tension and fixes all those annoying body pains from sitting on a chair for hours every day. I found that stretching with intention, has improved the connection between my mind and body. One is now more aware of the other. zzzztretch

9. Include raw garlic and toumeric in at least one meal a day

These two spices have incredible health benefits and for me at least, are super yummy. Crush them chop them mix them (love them in salads).

10. Do 45 min yoga

Now, this is a huge one. It took me a long time to like doing yoga. At first it felt uncomfortable, difficult and even pointless! I started about 4 years ago. Now, after a fair amount of hours of practice, yoga is becoming a part of Me. I look forward every day to my yoga time, it’s My time, it’s the time for me to go inside myself, silence my brain and let my body flow with my breath, finding balance between effort and softness. I feel I am only now starting to understand the infinite benefits from practicing yoga. Start now.

11. Do lying down meditation in the dark before bed (guided 3D meditation is super fun)

Before I fall asleep I like to put on headphones, and listen to 3D sound meditations that guide you through astral projection, visualizations ect. I find that this habit has turned what used to be a fairly boring moment of the day (lights off, silence, waiting to fall asleep), into a mystical super fun adventure. After a couple of weeks of practicing this before sleep, I now every night shoot into the galaxy and dance around with the stars. True story.

Will keep you posted



6 thoughts on “One year health expansion mission

  1. Irene

    Such a great post! I am just beginning to understand how much I have neglected my health as well, and I can witness it only after I climbed out from under the burdens that aya helped me discover. Truly, I find it remarkable that my health has stood up for so many years. Lucky, I guess.

    I have not developed such a list, but yours is a good one for sure. Only very recently, I can tell when I am in the right place or the wrong, eating the proper foods or not, being in the presence of good energy or bad …. my body is responding in rather dramatic ways right now telling me where it is healthy or unhealthy to be. I am talking about immediate shifts in heart rate, or flushing of the skin, feeling hot, or a slight nausea (especially when around negative people). It is so evident that I feel as if I am being “shown”, and it is up to me to listen, deeply, and act in trust.

    And so it goes. Such new territory for me, such dramatic shifts in a short timeframe.

    I find it very formative to take part in these discussions. Keep up the very good example!



    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Irene
    I can totally relate to this! I was very similar in a way that I focused more on Grad school and sports that I neglected my health /eating habits for a while. But, ever since I had a stressful life event three years back, I have been trying to experiment and follow a healthier living and food habit. I am working on my yoga, meditation, and better food habits. I have always been a vegetarian, but never focused on nutrition though. Its hard as I keep changing my list too often and sometimes don’t follow them. This is a good inspiration! thanks for sharing!

    I would like to know how you motivate yourself to keep doing these regularly and if in case you miss any, how do you overcome the negative thoughts??




    1. Hi Raga! thanks for the comment and great to read you are on a similar path.
      Since I started following this health list I found that some things become easier than others to follow regularly.
      It’s like our system seeks for them when it feels the benefits. That’s what motivates me the most, when I feel the changes.
      For example the morning routine, I can’t imagine now getting on with my day without lemon water and sun meditation (recently started doing qigong right before the meditation).
      If one day I feel that I’m on a lower vibration, and that happens maybe 2-3 times a month, I try not to act, I hold back on any conversations for example, or making decisions and I try to navigate the negative energy out with meditation.
      Now, there are exceptions. Hangover days 🙂 That’s when I forget the list, order pizza with friends and watch investigation discovery 🙂
      I allow myself one of those days every 6 weeks.


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      1. Interesting! Thanks for sharing your experience. ..I will work on my list and try to stay disciplined. ..I will update you as to how it goes 🙂


  3. Thanks for the comment Tom, I’m loving this dialogue.

    I’m also only now starting to realize (and experience) that once you start healing inside, the body starts to speak out it’s imbalances and wants to heal as well.
    I wanted to add something to this list that I have been practicing the past couple of weeks.

    For my morning meditation in the sun I started practicing microcosmic orbit meditation, where basically you focus on the circulation of the chi energy in the body.
    I was amazed to see that within days I was able to feel the energy and circulate it consciously and use it throughout the day when I need it.

    Here is a link that explains more

    Now, that meditation was the first thing I was doing every morning. Wake up, next move, meditate.
    I then thought, what if I activate the chi energy before the meditation through some sort of exercise?
    I found some qigong morning routines online and tried them out before my meditation. Boom! Beautiful sequence.

    So the idea/sequence is

    1. Hydrate (lemon honey ginger water)
    2. Awaken your chi

    3. And then meditate to cultivate and circulate your chi and charge it with the energy of the sun.

    I’m really excited with this, let me know if you try it and how it works for you.



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