This is Trance. A transformational experience at the Tree of Life ritual in Turkey


On the hunt for one last late summer psychedelic experience in nature, I stumbled upon the Tree of life September ritual festival in Turkey. Surprise surprise, one friend was also going. Good people and good music guaranteed.

One missed flight, two empty pockets, and a three hour bus drive later, I found myself rolling in a beautiful forest next to a breathing lake, smelling in the background the Black Sea. Yes, all of those things.

I learnt a lot in 5 days.

With no ways to contact the rest of the world, ‘now’ became the only time and ‘here’ became the only place. There wasn’t much talking and I was very glad about that. Just ‘being’ with people, most of them Turkish, smiling at my Cypriot friend, my soul was cleansed.

Thought of the seeds of hate that governments, schools and church try to plant in our heads, the years of ‘I don’t forget’ – so glad I never remembered! Yes, psy trance was banging 24/7, and in that constant beat, amongst the trees, there comes peace. Join in.

I laughed a lot.

‘Did you know that on DMT everything man made disappears?’, the girl with the massive blue eyes and the love letter said, ‘Yep’, she continued, ‘I smoke it and everyone on the stage gets naked’, ‘Everyone’s naked!’, Yihaaa, she was right.

Time was passing in anticipation of the first signs of Albert Hofmann’s creation taking effect on us, when I found myself listening to the passionate story about a healer in Israel who ‘could look into your eyes and see the faces of your past lives’. Fact: You do not want to start tripping while listening to this story.

I danced a lot.

Things started changing.

‘So I look normal to you?’ We laughed.

Then everything was one.

Ants dancing in trance.

People making bird sounds.

Trees  laughing around.

Everything man made disappeared.

Purple and green beings vibrating. No fear.

Yes, this is the opposite of a heavy metal gig,

I laughed.

In movements there was harmony, spacing was perfection.

Did you know that feeling each other’s energy you can move with eyes closed?

and you won’t bum into no one’s nose.

With thoughtless dancing, everyone tunes into the Vibe

We are the only species that parties

I laughed.

I took a moment to look around. How can this be, everyone’s moving so fast, kicking and jumping, how can no one’s bumping into anyone?

I sat down and observed. Ok, I thought, what is dancing? Each one’s translation of sound frequencies into movement is unique. Is it that on acid, the individual uniqueness is so true and harmonious to one’s self that harmony as a whole emerges? Everything fits into its place? Is this why each one’s movement finds it’s perfectly located place into the others around it? If there was an infinite number of people dancing at the same time..  Would one of them write Romeo and Juliet from beginning to end? ..Wha??

Fuck it we are a hive of bees.

I danced more.

Music turned to things, feelings, colors, humans were bees spinning around.

I even heard Ayahuasca purging sounds.

So this is Trance.

Everything is one


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